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The Power of Plant Hire: A Cost-Effective Solution for Construction

Plant hire, also known as equipment rental, is an industry that provides machinery and equipment on a rental basis to businesses, primarily those operating within the construction sector. This service offers an alternative to outright purchasing heavy machinery, providing a cost-effective, flexible, and practical solution for construction projects of all sizes.

Understanding Plant Hire

Plant hire involves temporarily providing construction machinery and equipment, ranging from excavators, dumpers, rollers and telehandlers to forklifts, toilets and compactors. This service is particularly beneficial for businesses needing help finding it financially viable to own such machinery, especially when their usage is sporadic or project-specific.

Moreover, plant hire eliminates the need for storage facilities, which can be costly to acquire and maintain. It also allows businesses to access the latest and best quality equipment without the financial burden of depreciation and maintenance costs.

The Benefits of Hiring Plant machinery

One of the main advantages and benefits of plant hire is its cost-effectiveness. Businesses only hire what they need, avoiding the expensive overheads associated with purchasing new machinery or maintaining owned equipment for the required time.

Plant hire also offers greater flexibility. Construction companies can hire the right machinery and equipment for each specific job, often enabling a higher standard of work. This flexibility extends to adapting to changing project requirements, with additional equipment readily available from the plant hire company if needed. Depending on the customer’s needs, plant hire can include anything from excavators and bulldozers to generators and portable toilets.

The Range of Machinery Available

Plant hire services typically stock a wide range of products to cater to the diverse needs of the construction industry.

Plant for Hire includes:

  • Excavators and Diggers: These come in various sizes, with different models more suitable for various tasks. You can select the right machine for each job, from mini diggers working in tight spaces to large Excavators“>excavators handling heavy loads and bulk excavation.
  • Telehandlers: Telehandlers, or telescopic handlers, are hydraulic lifting machines that carry and place heavy materials at height. They are widely used in the agriculture and construction industries and are growing in popularity outside these industries.
  • Dumpers: These machines, essential for bulk excavation, cart and clear rubbish, aggregate, muck and debris to keep the site tidy and orderly. Site dumper range in size from 1-tonne skip-loaders up to 10-tonne behemoths.
  • Rollers: These compaction machines, including compaction rollers, compress waste, sand, soil, and gravel, play a crucial role in construction, road infrastructure and waste management.
  • Compactors: Compactor machines reduce the size of materials such as waste or biomass through compaction. They apply downward pressure on dirt, soil, or gravel to compress the ground and fill in air pockets.
  • Forklifts: One of the most versatile pieces of equipment, forklifts transport and offload materials like bricks or concrete or lift things into high-up or difficult-to-reach places.


Plant hire services are a vital part of the construction industry, offering a cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses of all sizes. By providing access to a wide range of high-quality, up-to-date machinery and equipment, plant hire companies enable construction businesses to deliver their projects efficiently and effectively. Whether a self-employed construction professional or a large construction company, plant hire services can provide the tools you need to get the job done right.

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We Answer Your Plant Hire Questions

“Plant” comes from the verb “to plant,” which means to fix in place or drive into the ground. The word ‘plant’ originates from the Latin term ‘plantare,’ which translates “to plant” or “drive into the ground”. The term ‘plant’ mirrors how users often ‘plant’ or fix heavy machinery onto the ground in construction, manufacturing, or agriculture, similar to how one would plant a physical plant.

The term “hire” is used in the same way as “rent” in American English. So, “plant hire” essentially means renting machinery or equipment. Depending on the customer’s needs, plant hire can include anything from excavators and bulldozers to generators and portable toilets.

To learn more about the term “Plant Hire” visit our comprehensive article on the subject.

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