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Articulated Dump Trucks

Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT), also known as articulated haul trucks, dumpers, or hauliers, are heavy-duty vehicles designed for transporting large loads across challenging terrain, including rough off-road conditions and occasionally on public roads.


Articulated Dump Trucks design includes elements from their origins in agricultural tractors. In this design, the operator’s seat is behind the engine and the transmission.

The trailer section of the truck is capable of horizontal rotation and swinging, which allows for a tight turning radius while ensuring all wheels remain in contact with the ground.

Modern ADTs have seen enhancements such as full suspension systems and lockable differentials, which improve their performance at high speeds and increase comfort for the operator.


ADS’s features include all-wheel drive and a distinctive two-part structure: a front tractor unit and a rear trailer unit connected by an articulation joint.

This unique design allows the rear trailer to swivel about the front, enhancing manoeuvrability and stability in off-road environments. Steering is achieved through hydraulic rams, enabling the front unit to pivot relative to the rear cargo bowl.

ADTs, renowned for their robustness and heavy load capacity, enjoy widespread use in the construction and mining industries.

Articulated Dump Truck Categories & Sizes

Size Engine Horsepower Wheelbase Turning Radius
Small (20-30 tonnes) 230-350 hp 12-14 feet 35-40 feet
Medium (30-40 tonnes) 350-450 hp 14-16 feet 40-45 feet
Large (40-55 tonnes) 450-580 hp 16-18 feet 45-50 feet

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