Telehandler Hire

Telehandler Hire: Benefits, Products, Models, and Rental Rates

Introduction to Telehandler Hire

Telehandlers, Telescopic Handlers, or teleporters, are versatile equipment commonly used in the construction and agriculture industries.

They combine the capabilities of a forklift and a crane, allowing for the lifting and transporting of heavy loads to significant heights and distances. This article explores the benefits of hiring a telehandler, the different models available, and the rental rates in the market.

Benefits of Telehandler Hire

Spotlight: Rotating Telehandlers (Roto Telehandlers)

Roto telehandlers feature a telescopic boom that can stretch, retract, and swivel through 360 degrees, offering added reach and adaptability.

Key attributes include:

Telehandler Hire Costs

Many sectors, including construction and agriculture, leverage telehandlers for their ease of use and adaptability.

Here’s a glimpse at telehandler  models and their hire rates:

Renting a standard telehandler might cost anywhere from £240.00 weekly for a 4-meter model to £900.00 per week and more for a 20-meter variant.

Remember, these are rough estimates and might differ based on location and specific rental agency terms. Search for a local telehandler hire company on PlantClassifieds Plant Hire Directory for models and rates.

Our List of Leading Telehandler Manufacturers

  1. Bobcat Company: Bobcat Company offers a range of construction telehandlers designed for versatility and performance.

  2. Caterpillar Inc: Caterpillar is a renowned manufacturer offering a selection of telehandlers designed for various tasks.

  3. Dieci S.r.l.: Dieci specializes in the production of telehandlers for construction with a focus on innovation and quality.

  4. Genie (a Terex brand): Genie, a Terex brand, offers a range of material handling products including telehandlers.

  5. JCB (J.C. Bamford Excavators Ltd.): JCB is a prominent manufacturer known for its extensive range of telescopic handlers.

  6. JLG Industries (a part of Oshkosh Corporation): JLG Industries, under Oshkosh Corporation, offers a selection of telehandlers built for reliability and performance.

  7. Manitou Group: Manitou Group provides a comprehensive range of construction telescopic handlers tailored to meet industry demands.

  8. Merlo Group: Merlo Group offers a range of construction equipment, including telehandlers, that are designed for versatility.

  9. Wacker Neuson: Wacker Neuson is known for its range of telehandlers that cater to various construction needs.

Why Hire a Telehandler?

Renting a telehandler offers a versatile and economical solution for businesses that need to elevate and shift hefty items. With various models tailored to diverse tasks, telehandlers can notably boost efficiency and output at work sites.

When choosing a telehandler model, consider the specific requirements of your project and ensure that all operators have the necessary training and certification to operate the equipment safely.

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