Micro Digger Hire

Micro Digger Hire

Micro Digger Hire

Micro diggers are small excavators ideal for working in tight and compact spaces.

These mini machines are perfect for DIY enthusiasts new to operating equipment and want to replace the strenuous work of using a spade and wheelbarrow with a faster and less physically demanding option.

Additionally, they can go through doorways and other narrow spaces due to their small size. Micro diggers are helpful for landscaping, construction, and other outdoor projects that require digging or excavation in confined spaces with height and width restrictions.

You can hire micro diggers for one day, two days, over a weekend, and weekly.

Delivery and collection: Transport options for mini diggers

Transport options for micro digger hire may vary depending on your chosen plant hire company.

The maximum distance for delivery and collection of micro diggers may vary depending on your rental company. As a rule of thumb, plant hire companies will deliver within a 35-mile radius of the depot, and delivery costs range from around £30.00 to £50.00 each way.

Most plant hire companies offer trailer hire for their micro diggers, which is often a more convenient and cost-effective option for the plant hirer.

Please read our comprehensive article on trailer towing requirements in the UK.

What are the specifications, dimensions and weight of a typical micro digger hire?

  • Width: The width of a micro digger ranges from 70 cm to 75 cm, with the tracks retracted.
  • Height: The height of a micro digger ranges from 1700mm (without a roll-over frame – ROPS) to an unspecified height that can vary depending on the machine configuration and attachments.
  • Maximum Dig Depth: The maximum digging depth of a micro digger ranges from 1.69 meters to around 2.15 meters and can vary depending on the machine’s make and model.
  • Weight: The operating weight of a micro digger ranges from 950 kg (7188 lbs) to 1028 kg (3264 kg).
  • Bucket Set: Micro diggers come with a set of 4 buckets, typically made up of the following bucket sizes 150mm (6 inches), 230mm (9 inches), 300mm (12 inches), 450mm (18 inches), 600mm (24 inches), and a ditching bucket 750mm (30 inches).

It is important to note that these specifications, dimensions, and weight may vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer of the micro digger. Please see the specifications of popular micro diggers below.

Popular Micro Digger Specifications

Kubota K008

  • Machine Weight 900kg
  • Engine output 7.6kw
  • Max Dig Depth 1720mm
  • Max Reach Ground Level 3020mm
  • Maximum Dumping Height 2035mm
  • Cab Height *excluding beacons 2260mm
  • Max width Tracks Retracted 700mm
  • Max width Tracks Extended 860mm
  • Transport Length 2.75m
  • Transport Height 2.26m
  • Rubber Shoe Width 180mm
  • Bucket width 0.368m
  • Dozer Blade Size 860mm x 324mm
  • GP Bucket Capacity 0.022m³
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 12L
  • Travel Speed 2km/h
  • Ground Pressure 24.3kPa
  • Maximum Arm Digging Force 9.8kN

What are some standard attachments used with micro diggers?

Micro excavators are versatile machines you can equip with different attachments to accomplish various tasks, saving you time and money.

Here are some common attachments used with micro excavators:

  • Breaker or Breaking Hammer: Compact micro excavators commonly use a breaker or breaking hammer attachment to break up concrete or other hard materials.
  • Thumb Buckets: You can use a thumb bucket, a versatile attachment, for picking and placing materials such as logs, branches, and larger stones.
  • Auger: You can use an auger, a specialized attachment, to drill holes into the ground. It’s ideal for various tasks, such as boring holes for planting trees or setting up fence posts.
  • Ripper: A ripper is a tool you attach to a micro excavator to break apart hard soil or rock.
  • Grading Beam: A grading blade or beam is a level attachment used to level the ground or to create a slope.

What is the difference between a micro digger and a mini digger?

  • Micro diggers are smaller than mini diggers, typically weighing 1 tonne and under. Mini diggers weigh over 1 tonne and up to 6 tonnes.
  • Micro diggers are ideal for tight access requirements due to their small size and manoeuvrability.
  • Micro diggers are excellent for projects requiring width and height restrictions consideration.
  • Micro diggers are generally less powerful than mini diggers but more efficient for smaller projects.

What other plant works well with a micro digger?

  • Skip loader: A skip loader is a type of 1-tonne dumper designed to transport and load materials into a skip or container.
  • Power barrow: Tracked power barrows, smaller than skip loaders, can transport up to 500 kg of muck, soil, or waste material. These machines are compact and easy to operate. Plus, their size makes them an excellent combination for a micro digger.

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Micro excavators’ minimum width (tracks retracted) ranges from 700mm to 760 mm, depending on the model and specifications.

View our list of micros diggers widths with tracks retracted and extended here.

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