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About Us: PlantClassifieds Directory history and future.

PlantClassifieds is a leader in innovative technology plant industry solutions. We focus on SEO to optimise your presence on the world wide web and make it easy for potential customers to find the right plant at the right price to hire directly from the plant hirer. 

All enquiries go directly to the plant hirer. With our built-in Google Maps application, we help potential customers find your location on Google and Bing. 

PlantClassifieds was born out of a demand for an open and transparent plant hire comparison website, which allows customers to easily search and view plant hire companies, plant rates and selection of plant equipment in their local area to hire.

We have simplified the process to allow for simple plant searches and fast, effective plant listings, which you can drill down on to help the customer make an informed choice.

Additionally, we optimise each page for search engine optimisation (SEO), which significantly improves your presence on the web and with Google ranking as our primary objective. 

Why have only one resource (your website) when you can double your authority on the web, and we can list each piece of kit that you have for hire and drastically improve your ranking on the internet? We use keywords to ensure that you multiply your presence on the web by using local business keywords relevant to your company. Our goal is to improve your search presence and get you as many leads as possible directly to you.

Together we have over 70 years of plant hire experience, and if you want to know more about us and our unique PlantClassifieds Directory proposition, please get in touch.

Local SEO optimisation is a great and cheap way to advertise your business.

About Us for The Plant Customer

Search and compare plant availability and pricing in your area and contact the plant company directly via email, online form or the listed telephone number.

You, the customer, deal directly with the plant hirer, and there is no transaction fee or go-between.

PlantClassifieds allows you to make an informed decision, and we connect you with your plant hire customer.

There are several reasons and benefits to using a dedicated plant hire directory:

Convenience: Our plant hire directory allows you to quickly find and compare different plant hire companies and find a rare piece of kit in one place near you.

Range of options: A plant hire directory will typically list companies offering different types of plant and equipment for hire. More choices allow you to compare options and choose the best plant hire near you that meets your needs and reduces your carbon footprint.

Easy comparison: Compare different companies, making it easy to see which offers the best rates, plant equipment, transport and services.

Up-to-date information: PlantClassifieds directory is accessible and regularly updated with the latest information and their rental rates, ensuring that you have access to accurate and current information on availability.

Cost savings: By using a dedicated plant hire directory, you can find competitive rates and save money on your plant hire costs.

Overall, PlantClassifieds Directory is a valuable tool for finding and comparing plant hire companies and can help you make an informed decision about which company to use for your construction project.

The Plant Hire Company

PlantClassifieds allows you to easily list your plant and contact details while keeping track of performance.

The benefits of listing with our dedicated Plant Hire Directory are:

Your listing dashboard: Track and view the performance of each plant hire listing, such as the number of views, telephone calls, enquiries, and bookings for each listing. 

Search Engine Optimisation: Plant Hire (SEO) is improving the ranking of your plant hire website or webpage on search engines like Google and Bing. We optimise your website’s content and structure to make it more attractive to search engines and accessible for them to understand and index.

Article submission: Article submissions can be a helpful way for a plant hire business to improve its presence and authority online. By creating and publishing high-quality, informative articles on relevant websites or platforms, your plant hire company can establish itself as an expert in the industry and attract more potential customers.

Optimise listings: Optimising each plant hire listing in a directory is vital to ensure that the listing is visible and attractive to potential customers. We achieve this in several ways by using relevant keywords and phrases, including detailed information, high-quality images, and regularly updating your listing.

What are Directory Listings, and Why Do They Matter?

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What You Get

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