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About PlantClassifieds.com

About Us:  PlantClassifieds history and future. PlantClassifieds is a global leader in innovative technology solutions, SEO based to optimise your presence on the world wide web and make is easy for potential customers to find the right plant at the right price to hire directly from the plant hirer. All enquiries go directly to the plant hirer via email, telephone or they can find your location on the built into Google Maps. 

PlantClassifieds was born out of a demand for a open and transparent plant hire comparison website which allows customers to easily search and view plant hire companies, plant rates and selection of plant in their local area to hire.

We have simplified the process to allow for simple plant searches and fast effective plant listings which you can drill down on to help the customer make an informed choice.

Additionally, we optimise each page for search engine optimisation (SEO) which significantly improves your presence on the web and with Google ranking as our main objective. Why, have only one resource (your website) when you can double your authority on the web, and we can list each piece of kit that you have for hire and drastically improve your ranking on the internet. We use only one main keyword per customer to ensure that you are the only customer that benefits from that keyword search. It’s imperative to get in first to ensure your book your keywords. At the end of the day, we are looking to improve your presence and get you as many leads as possible directly to you.

Together we have over 70 years of plant hire experience and if you would like to know more about our unique PlantClassifieds proposition, please get in touch.

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The Plant Customer

Search and compare plant availability and pricing in your area and contact the plant company directly via email form or listed telephone number. You, the customer deal directly with the plant hirer and there is no transaction fee or middleman.

PlantClassifieds allows you to make an informed decision and we put you in touch with your local plant hirer.

The Plant Hirer

PlantClassifieds allows you to easily list your plant and contact details.

  • Your company listing dashboard to track and view each plant hire listing.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • We optimise each plant hire listing to ensure that you get maximum coverage for your plant hire listing.
  • Backlinks for higher Google ranking.
  • Additional, article submission for improve you presence and authority.

What You Get