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Site dumpers, dumper trucks or dump trucks are heavy-duty construction vehicles used for material handling, such as dirt, sand, gravel, and debris on construction and industrial sites.

Dumpers have the load bowl in front of the operator that tilts forward, come with no-cabbed or cabbed versions and are traditionally diesel-powered.

Site dumpers come in various sizes, from 1-tonne skip loaders to 10 tonnes and configurations, including 4-wheeled and tracked models. 4-wheeled dumpers are suitable for site conditions and equipped with tires, while tracked dumpers are designed for use on rough, muddy, uneven terrain and have rubber tracks. Tracked dumpers provide more even weight distribution and can navigate challenging surfaces, making them popular in difficult conditions.

Site dumpers are known for their versatility and efficiency and are used for tasks such as material handling and loading skips and usually work in conjunction with an excavator. A towing eye on dumpers is helpful for towing bowsers and trailers on site.

The use of cabbed site dumpers is becoming more popular as they have several benefits for the operators, including a better working environment with an air-conditioned cab and improved safety with the ability to drive the dumper in the direction the operator is facing and increased protection in case of an incident.

The enclosed cab also allows the operator to remain inside while being loaded, reducing the risk of getting on and off the dumper. In addition to these ergonomic and safety advantages, using cabbed dumpers has improved productivity by allowing work to continue in inclement weather.

We have created a FREE online dumper checklist. Download our dumper checklist in a .pdf format to ensure your dumper is compliant before you start your day, or download our free comprehensive inspection checklist for site dumpers in PDF format.

Please review our article about the licensing requirements for using a site dumper on UK Roads.

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