Micro Digger Widths

Micro Digger Width

Micro digger width can vary depending on the model and specifications.

Micro excavators are narrower, lighter, and more manoeuvrable in tight spaces and areas with limited access. Their retractable tracks allow them to fit easily through narrow passages and doors, making them ideal for indoor or urban projects.

Micro excavators can reduce their overall width by retracting their tracks. This feature can be useful when working in confined spaces or around obstacles, allowing the machine to fit through even narrower spaces.

Micro excavators’ minimum width (tracks retracted) can range from 700mm to 760 mm, depending on the model and specifications.

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Here are some popular micro digger widths – minimum and maximum specifications:

Please visit the respective manufacturer’s websites for a comprehensive overview of the equipment specifications.

JCB 8008 CTS
JCB 8010 CTS
Kubota K008-5
Kubota U10-5
Takeuchi TB210R
Hitachi ZX10U-6
Cat 300.9D
Hyundai HX10A
Bobcat E10
Bobcat E10e

Here are some typical uses for narrow Micro Digger Widths:

  • Landscaping: These machines are ideal for landscaping tasks, such as digging holes for trees, shrubs, and plants, as well as grading and levelling soil.
  • Construction: Micro excavators are useful in various construction projects, including the digging of foundations, trenches, footings and the demolition of small structures.
  • Indoor Projects: Their compact size allows them to fit through narrow doorways and tight spaces, making them perfect for indoor projects like basement excavations.
  • Limited Access Spaces: Their retractable tracks suit confined areas like gardens, backyards, and other spaces where larger machines can’t reach.
  • Demolition: When fitted with demolition attachments such as hammers and breakers, these micro diggers are ideal for small-scale demolition projects in confined spaces.

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