Plant Hire Security

Our Essential Guide to Plant Hire Security

Best Practices to Ensure Plant Hire Security for Your Rented Machinery

Published on 27 April 2023 by PlantClassifieds

Theft of plant machinery in the plant-hire industry is growing alarmingly, and perpetrators are stealing more and more plant machinery yearly.

The estimated annual value of equipment theft in the UK exceeds £400 million. However, implementing a few crucial measures can significantly enhance your plant hire security.

Key Plant Hire Security Measures

  • GPS Trackers:
    • Use GPS trackers on movable plant equipment like diggers.
    • Ensure compliance with insurance policies that may require trackers on hired plant equipment.
    • Set geofences for equipment like diggers, excavators, loaders, and telehandlers to get alerts for unauthorised use or movement outside designated areas.

  • Chipped Keys:
    • Utilise chipped keys with embedded identification codes unique to each machine.
    • Only the correct chipped key can start the machine, preventing theft.
    • Remember to carry the key with you; it’s necessary for operation.

  • Equipment Storage:
    • Store smaller diggers in locked containers.
    • Secure diggers and dumpers by placing the digger bucket in the dumper’s bowl.
    • Block or barricade large equipment to make it hard to move.

  • Additional Plant Security:
    • Activate additional security measures like wheel locks, shut-off systems, ignition locks, and hidden deactivation devices.
    • Remove circuit breakers, batteries, and fuses overnight for extra security.
    • Use digital, wireless CCTV systems for clear, interference-free security.
    • Configure CCTV to record continuously or on motion detection.
    • Consider using multiple cameras for comprehensive coverage.
    • If managing a large fleet, install light towers for 360-degree site illumination and deterrence.

  • Regular Security Assessment:
    • Continuously check and maintain security measures like barriers, fences, lighting, and CCTV to ensure they function correctly.
The Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) has a comprehensive list of plant security manufacturers that are members of the association.

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