Why is it Called Plant Hire?

Why is Plant Hire Called “Plant Hire”

Why is it Called Plant Hire?

The term “plant hire” is commonly used in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and some other countries to refer to heavy machinery or equipment rental.

The word “plant” in this context has a dual meaning. The term ‘plant and machinery’, often used in business and accounting to refer to a business’s fixed assets, including machinery, vehicles, and equipment, serves as the origin for the word ‘plant’ in this context.

Additionally, “plant” comes from the verb “to plant,” which means to fix in place or drive into the ground. The word ‘plant’ originates from the Latin term ‘plantare,‘ which translates “to plant” or “drive into the ground”. The term ‘plant’ mirrors how users often ‘plant’ or fix heavy machinery onto the ground in construction, manufacturing, or agriculture, similar to how one would plant a physical plant.

The term “hire” is used in the same way as “rent” in American English. So, “plant hire” essentially means renting machinery or equipment. Depending on the customer’s needs, plant hire can include anything from excavators and bulldozers to generators and portable toilets.

The plant hire industry provides these machines on a rental basis to construction companies, event organisers, and other businesses that need such equipment for a limited period. Plant hire allows these businesses to avoid the high costs of purchasing, maintaining, and storing such equipment.

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