New Cat Grading Beams for Excavators

New Cat® Grading Beams for Cat Tiltrotators allow contractors to take on dynamic and efficient grading and compaction work using excavators

Versatile new Cat® Grading Beams deliver high productivity material grading

  • Adjustable roller height adapts to material type and desired compaction levels
  • High-abrasion-resistant wear material delivers long frame life
  • A range of grading beam widths offers options for varied applications


New Cat® Grading Beams for Cat Tiltrotators allow contractors to take on dynamic and efficient grading and compaction work using excavators. Pairing with Cat Tiltrotators enables 360˚ bidirectional and 40˚ left-and-right rotation of the grading beam to increase attachment versatility. The grading beams’ mechanically adjustable roller – from 10 mm (0.40 in) below frame to 20 mm (0.79 in) above – flexibly tailors the desired level of compaction based on material type. Preventing material from sticking to the roller, the adjustable roller scraper allows the attachment to be used with clay, silt and other sticky materials.


Available in five widths from 1250 to 3000 mm (49 to 118 in), Cat Grading Beams quickly tackle a range of applications from grading sidewalks to larger site prep applications. The design’s large top opening with solid extended sides and side plates allow the beam to spread, compact, and grade materials quickly and effectively. Highly abrasion resistant, Hardox 500 wear protection at the bottom of the beam protects the frame for long-life operation. The beam’s welded frame increases structural rigidity, while additional support plates on the heavy-duty frame extend beam strength and overall service life.


Compatible with Cat Grade technology via the Cat Tiltrotator attachment, contractors can grade to plan using Cat Grading Beams, improving accuracy and saving time. Available tool recognition automatically confirms the identity of the attachment to ensure all settings – pressure, flow and dimensions – are correct, allowing operators to quickly get to work.

Standard Cat PL161 attachment technology provides simple attachment tracking across all worksites, reducing the chance of a lost grading beam and assisting with maintenance and replacement. The PL161 integrates into VisionLink® for fleet management from a single mobile device.


For more information about the new Cat Grading Beams, contact a Cat dealer or visit:


Grading Beams Specifications

Product number






Width, mm (in)

1250 (49)

1500 (59)

2000 (79)

2500 (98)

3000 (118)

Height, mm (in)

330 (13)

Depth, mm (in)

1252 (49)

Roller diameter, mm (in)

298,5 (11.75)

Weight, kg (lb)

390 (860)

421 (928)

492 (1,085)

555 (1,224)

618 (1,362)


New Cat® Grading Beams for Cat Tiltrotators

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