Forklift Ballet: Premier Show

The Orange County Convention Center Stages Forklift Ballet a New Sensation.

Roll out the red carpet for the unsung heroes of the stage—the forklifts of the Orange County Convention Center!

They’re back with another encore performance, dancing their way through the dismantling of yet another successful show.

It’s a mesmerizing mix of grace, grit, and gears, all choreographed to perfection.

Who needs the Nutcracker when you have the Forklift Fandango? Grab your Foklift Ballet tickets now, and witness the heavy-lifting ballet that’s sweeping the nation!

Forklift Ballet is brought to you by Sunbelt Rentals and United Rentals

The Forklifts Doing The Forklift Fandango.

Forklift Ballet - Plant Hire News Published on PlantClassifieds 11/08/2023.

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