Wirtgen WR 250 Recycler

This Soil Recycler Machine Offers Exceptional Performance

The design of the Wirtgen WR 250 Recycler enables it to handle demanding soil stabilising and cold recycling operations

About the Wirtgen WR 250 Recycler:

This soil recycler machine offers exceptional performance with a working width of 2.40 meters and a maximum working depth of 560 mm, especially when facing challenging projects.

Its capabilities in milling and mixing make it an ideal solution for the most rigorous tasks in soil stabilisation and cold recycling. In soil stabilisation, the WR 250 operates optimally within a performance range of 6,000 to 12,000 square meters per day.

For cold recycling, it excels in a performance range of 700 to 1,200 square meters per hour, handling asphalt thicknesses of 20 to 25 cm.

Wirtgen WR 250 Mixer and Binder

Here are some key features and capabilities of the Wirtgen WR 250:

  • Milling and Mixing Rotor: The WR 250 has a powerful milling and mixing rotor that mills asphalt pavements, granulates them, and mixes them with binder and water in precise doses. This action allows for the creation of new base layers with exceptional bearing capacity.
  • Injection Systems: The machine also features state-of-the-art injection systems that aid in precisely applying binder and water during the mixing process.
  • High Performance: The WR 250 delivers high performance and meets the most significant challenges in soil stabilisation and cold recycling.
  • Machine Control System: All Wirtgen machines, including the WR 250, have a built-in, high-quality machine control system. This system is continuously developed and improved by Wirtgen, incorporating practical experience and customer feedback.
  • Heavy-Duty: The WR 250 is a machine suitable for demanding applications. It has immense milling output and mixing capacity, enabling it to tackle challenging projects.
Overall, the Wirtgen WR 250 is a versatile and powerful machine used in construction for soil stabilisation and cold recycling, providing efficient and effective solutions for creating load-bearing base layers. Find Wirtgen WR 250 recyclers for sale near you on PlantClassifieds, a website that lists used equipment.


Visit Wirtgen’s website to find out more about their soil stabiliser.

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