Rubble Master Screen-Line HS5000M

2022 Rubble Master Screen-Line HS5000M Unused

Rubble Master Screen-Line HS5000M Description and Specifications

Rubble Master produces highly efficient mobile screening machines that are independently operated or in combination with other material processing equipment.

The Rubble Master Screen-Line HS5000M can produce high-quality aggregates from crushed material, turn inert soil into a screened topsoil commodity, and screen rock, sand, gravel, and overburden for mining.

Rubble Master aims to help you dominate the job site by providing machines that increase profitability and efficiency while reducing operational costs and waste disposal time.

Rubble Master’s mobile screens are designed with mobility in mind, so they can go anywhere, anytime, without sacrificing throughput capacity or performance. These screens are easy to operate, making material processing a breeze, and they pair seamlessly with crushers to build aggregate systems quickly and easily.

Rubble Master Scalping Screens are highly versatile and can process a wide range of materials, including topsoil, dirt, aggregates, demolition waste, blast rock, mulch, overburden, street sweepings, salt, and more. With Rubble Master’s Scalping Screens, you can maximise your versatility and profits, producing up to three finished products with their 3-way split feature.

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