Plant Hire Cash Sales

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What forms of ID do I need for a plant hire cash sale?

Plant hire cash sales refer to hiring out plant equipment, such as construction machinery, to other businesses or individuals in exchange for a cash payment. Cash sales is a common practice in construction and other industries where companies may need to use specialised equipment on a short-term basis and want to avoid opening an account.

Plant hire companies may accept a few different forms of identification when engaging in plant hire cash sales. Some options could include the following:

    1. Driver’s license: A driver’s license is a common identification used to verify a person’s identity. It includes information such as the person’s name, address, date of birth, and photograph.
    2. Passport: A passport is a government-issued identification document to verify a person’s identity and citizenship. It includes information such as the person’s name, photograph, and date of birth.
    3. Debit or credit card: Most plant hire companies will take a deposit from your debit card to cover the week’s hire, transport, fuel and VAT.
    4. Utility bill: A utility bill is often a requirement as proof of address.
    5. Business registration: If a business is hiring the equipment, proof of your business registration will be required.
    6. Plant hire insurance: Proof of hired-in plant insurance is required and must cover the value of the plant hired. The plant hirer can offer you short-term hired-in plant insurance, and it’s typically worked out at an additional 15% of the weekly rate for the plant. The percentage can vary, but it is often around 15%. so if the weekly rate for the plant equipment is £300, the insurance cost would be £45 (15% of £300).

Plant hirers may offer various types of plant equipment on a cash-sale basis. Some examples of equipment that may be available for cash sale hires could include:

Mini diggers
Skip loaders
Site dumpers
Small telehandlers
Compaction rollers
Power barrows

Plant Tip:
Typically, plant hirers only offer cash sale hires on smaller equipment.

Plant Tip for Plant Hire Companies:

We offer plant hire cash sales as a tab when listing your plant equipment for rental. This tab informs your potential customers that you offer cash sales and will help you generate additional sales and improve your online profile.