Plant Hire Calculators

Use our plant hire calculators to determine the total cost of renting equipment such as mini diggers and excavators for the working days between two selected dates, excluding weekends.

Our equipment rental cost calculator offers precise calculations for weekly or short-term hire rates.

Brandon Hire Station offers a cost calculator to compare hiring versus buying, which is worth considering for long-term projects.

Plant Hire Cost Calculators

Calculate the cost of self-drive plant hire for your rental period, including transportation fees but excluding VAT.

Calculate the expense for operating plant hire during your hire period, adding transportation charges and fuel costs but not including VAT.

Fuel Consumption Calculators

Our PlantClassifieds fuel consumption calculator tool allows you to accurately estimate and track the costs associated with your plant equipment by considering fuel consumption.

Together with our plant hire calculator, it provides a complete solution for estimating the total costs of renting plant equipment.

Our Mini Excavator Fuel Consumption Calculator provides an approximate estimation of fuel usage for mini diggers.

Plant-hire cost calculators are ideal for budgeting because they help make informed decisions regarding hiring or buying machinery based on financial considerations.

Our calculators consider various factors like delivery costs, fuel consumption, operator costs, operators and more when estimating the unit cost of renting plant machinery.

Using our calculators, plant managers can achieve high operational efficiency, reduce construction costs, and ensure quality by choosing well-maintained and reliable hired machinery.

In the final analysis, our plant hire cost calculators assist in streamlining projects, reducing costs, comparing hire options and enhancing overall efficiency in construction operations.

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