Can a Mini Excavator Break Concrete?

Our Guide to Concrete Breaker Attachments for Mini Diggers

Can a Mini Excavator Break Concrete?

Yes, a mini excavator can break concrete, dig trenches, and use their blade to backfill holes.

The answer is affirmative but with a few important caveats. The ability of a mini digger to break up concrete depends on several factors, including the right attachments, the type and depth of the concrete, and the size and power of the mini digger.

The Right Attachments

Choosing the right attachments for the job is essential. The attachments needed vary based on the mini digger type and the concrete’s structure and depth.

You typically use a hydraulic breaker or hammer attachment to break up concrete.

An alternative to the hydraulic breaker is a Multi-Ripper attachment that can break concrete four times faster but works better on thinner concrete structures, and you can get under the concrete and rip up from below.

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Factors Affecting the Cost

Hydraulic Breaker attachments are expensive and often cost up to 80% of the mini excavator’s weekly hire rate. However, they are well worth the expense as the time saving is enormous.

What to do with the broken concrete? Concrete-away grab lorries can be a relatively expensive option for removing concrete waste. An alternative is hiring a mini crusher to break the concrete into reusable concrete to use as a sub-base for your construction project, and it is a viable green alternative to dumping your concrete in a landfill site.

When planning, consider these factors as they can significantly influence the project’s overall cost.

Alternatives Options to Mini Diggers

Backhoe Loaders hire is often a viable alternative to breaking up old concrete, especially if no rebar or wire is within the structure. However, tractor-backhoe loaders (TLB) are often and more expensive option.

Size and Power Matter

Mini 1.5-tonne excavators can break concrete, but the size and power of the excavator matter. Larger 3 to 6-tonne excavators are more powerful and effective at breaking up concrete than their smaller counterparts.

In conclusion, while a mini excavator/digger can break up concrete, the operation’s success depends on various factors. If you understand these factors and choose the right plant/equipment and attachments, you will have more chances of completing the project efficiently and effectively.

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