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JCB World Headquarters

JCB is a British multinational corporation that manufactures construction, agricultural, and materials-handling equipment.
JCB World Headquarters is committed to making our business and our machines more sustainable. We're proud of our journey so far and are constantly looking for ways to improve.

We've delivered some environmental initiatives in recent years, but we're always looking for ways to do more.

We need to find innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers’ needs and manage the resources that go into our products.

Volvo is working hard to develop engines that are less polluting, and plans to have all of its engines compliant with European standards within the next two years. The company is also working on strategies to make its products net zero.

We’re going to use 3 main strategies to make our products more powerful:

Advanced engine technology:

We are improving the efficiency of our diesel-fuelled products and using LiveLink to validate the improvements in the field. This is helping us reduce our emissions.


Battery electric machines are becoming more popular as technology improves and batteries become more affordable. JCB is committed to reducing its environmental impact and is constantly looking for ways to do this, including the introduction of battery electric machines across a range of its smaller products.


We have a long-term vision for a world where the majority of vehicles are powered by hydrogen, and we are investing in the technology to make that a reality.

We believe that hydrogen engines have the potential to be the most efficient and cleanest internal combustion engines, and we are committed to investing in the development of this technology.


Lakeside Works
ST14 5JP
United Kingdom

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