Kubota KX015-4 Excavator

All about the Kubota Mini Digger

All You Need to Know About the Kubota KX015-4 Excavator

Design and Performance

The Kubota KX015-4 Excavator, with its reduced dimensions and compact size, is built to navigate and operate efficiently in confined spaces.

Despite its smaller footprint, the KX015-4 offers robust performance with its powerful and reliable Kubota engine. Its two variable pumps and a gear pump ensure smooth, synchronised operation of the boom, arm, bucket, and house swing, allowing simultaneous movements and fast cycle times. This feature also optimises fuel efficiency, contributing to more sustainable operations.

Advanced Technology and Capabilities

The excavator has a load-sensing hydraulic system that responds precisely to the operator’s commands. This feature enhances precision, operational efficiency, and safety during heavy-duty digging operations.

The Kubota KX015-4 also boasts an automatic two-speed travel system that adjusts travel speed according to the traction and terrain, enabling operators to navigate various site conditions easily.

Comfort and Safety

Considering user comfort, the KX015-4 features a spacious operator’s station, offering maximum legroom for operator convenience. Its ergonomic layout simplifies operation, with all control levers and switches conveniently located within reach. For safety, the machine’s ROPS/FOPS cabin protects against accidental rollovers or falling objects.


In summary, the Kubota KX015-4 excavator, with its impressive capabilities and advanced features, is designed to deliver high productivity and user comfort in a wide range of applications.

The Kubota KX015-4’s compact size and powerful performance make it versatile for various plant hire, construction and landscaping tasks. Kubota’s commitment to user safety, easy maintenance, and sustainability further enhances its appeal in today’s demanding plant hire environments.

Visit Kubota’s website for more information on the Kubota KX015-4 Excavator.


  • Machine Weight 1470 kg
  • Engine output 9.6 kw
  • Max Dig Depth 2250 mm
  • Max Reach Ground Level 3730 mm
  • Maximum Dumping Height 2290 mm
  • Cab Height *excluding beacons 2350 mm
  • Max width Tracks Retracted 990 mm
  • Max width Tracks Extended 1240 mm
  • Transport Length 3.71 m
  • Transport Height 2.30 m
  • Rubber Shoe Width 230 mm
  • Dozer Blade Size 990 mm x 230 mm
  • GP Bucket Capacity 0.035 m³
  • Bucket width 0.368m
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 21 L
  • Travel Speed 2.1 km/h
  • Ground Pressure 25.5 kPa
  • Maximum Arm Digging Force 12.7 kN

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