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Understanding Jack-Up Barges and Their Applications

Jack-up barges are versatile platforms for marine construction projects, offshore energy, and wind farm development. These barges offer a stable working platform during operations and can handle a variety of construction, maintenance, well-servicing, and decommissioning tasks.

Jack-up barges consist of a floating barge equipped with movable legs that operators can raise or lower. They are commonly used for offshore wind turbine installation, servicing other structures such as offshore wind turbines, long bridges, and drilling platforms, and for oil and gas-related activities.

The Combifloat C-5 series is a specific type of jack-up barge designed for construction and geotechnical works in coastal and inland waters, with a 100-ton variable deck load capacity, 15 ton/m2 deck strength, and the ability to cover water depths up to 23 meters, making it suitable for nearshore operations.

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Jack Up Barges for Sale, such as the Combifloat C-5 series, differ from other floating platforms in several ways.

Here are some key points comparing jack-up barges to other floating platforms:

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