Grab Lorry Cost 2024

Our Guide to the Cost of Grab Lorry Hire

How Much Does a Grab Lorry Cost 2024?

The cost of hiring a grab lorry in 2024 starts at £170.00 for a 4-wheeler lorry and can go up to more than £420.00 for an 8-wheeler lorry load. These prices do not include VAT.

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Grab Hire Peterborough£220.00 per 8-wheeler load excluding VAT

Grab Hire Cambridgeshire£250.00 per 8-wheeler load excluding VAT

Hardcore Away Cambridgeshire£170.00 8-wheeler load excluding VAT

Grab Lorry Day Rate£1000.00, excluding VAT

What factors determine the cost of hiring a grab lorry in the UK in 2024?

Several factors influence the average cost of hiring a grab lorry in the UK in 2024. These include the lorry’s size, type of waste, location, and availability. For example, London may have higher prices than rural areas due to congestion, parking, and higher tipping fees. If you would like more information on hiring a grab lorry, you can visit our article on grab lorry hire near you.

The table below shows the estimated grab lorry cost 2024 UK for different lorry sizes and skip comparison.

Grab Truck Size Waste Quantity

  • 4 wheeler Lorry 6 m3
  • 6 wheeler Lorry 10 m3
  • 8 wheeler Lorry 13 m3

Waste Quantity (tonnes)

  • 4 wheeler lorry 7 to 9 tonnes
  • 6 wheeler lorry 12 to 14 tonnes
  • 8 wheeler lorry 16 to 18 tonnes

Approximate Skip Equivalent

  • 4 wheeler lorry 1 skip
  • 4 wheeler lorry 2 skips
  • 4 wheeler lorry 3 skips

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Grab Lorry for Your Project?

What are the Drawbacks of Hiring a Grab Lorry?

Grab lorries are a popular and practical option for waste removal and material delivery in 2024 UK.

They offer convenience, flexibility, and affordability for various projects and purposes. Knowing the average grab lorry hire cost in 2024 UK and the factors that affect it, one can make an informed decision and find the best deal for your needs.

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