Do you need plant insurance to hire a mini digger?

Our Guide to Insurance Cover Requirements When You Hire a Mini Digger

Do You Need Plant Insurance to Hire a Mini Digger?


Yes, you must have hired in-plant insurance in the UK when renting plant equipment.

It is important to ensure adequate plant hire insurance coverage before hiring a mini digger to avoid legal or financial issues in case of theft, accidents or damages.

Overview of Mini Excavator Plant Hire Insurance in the UK:

Plant Insurance Tip:

Secure hired in-plant insurance through your broker is often the most cost-effective option.

Ensure your coverage matches the equipment’s value. Many rental firms offer this insurance, usually at an added 15% of the weekly rental price.

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Does Hired in Plant Insurance Cover you for Site Injuries?

In the UK, hired-in-plant insurance covers costs related to damage or loss of rented plant machinery, including accidents, while the equipment is under your care.

However, this insurance doesn’t cover injuries to workers or third parties. For that, you’d need public liability insurance. So, when renting plant machinery, it’s vital to have both hired-in-plant insurance and public liability insurance to guard against potential legal and financial complications arising from accidents or injuries.


Note: Hired-in-plant insurance policies can vary, so it’s important to thoroughly examine and understand your specific policy.

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