Cost of Hiring a Mini Excavator

Our Guide to Hiring a Mini Excavator.

The Cost of Hiring a Mini Excavator in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide

Mini excavators are versatile equipment used across multiple industries for backfilling, demolition, digging ditches, landscaping, holes, ponds, or trenches, flattening landscaping, removing stumps, and sewer line repair.

Businesses and individuals highly value them for their utility, but only some may find it necessary and cost-effective to own one. To determine if renting a mini excavator is the best choice for your needs, you should consider several important factors.

Uses and Operation of Mini Excavators

Mini excavators have many uses, making them an asset on any worksite. They come with various attachments that enhance their functionality and improve their existing capabilities.

However, despite their size, these machines are powerful and dangerous if not operated correctly. Therefore, only trained and competent individuals should operate them. Before operating a mini excavator, you should familiarise yourself with the operator’s manual and test the machine in an open area with plenty of space and a smooth surface to familiarise yourself with the controls.

You do not require a licence or ticket to operate a mini digger in the UK.

Cost of Renting a Mini Excavator

The cost of hiring a mini excavator varies depending on several factors, including the make, model, and size of the excavator, any add-ons, the length of the rental, and the dealer you rent through. Here’s a general pricing guide:

  • Mini excavators (1.5 tonnes) have an average hire cost between £85.00 and £100.00 per day, with larger-size diggers costing as much as £500.00 per week.
  • Midi-excavators  have an average rental cost between £250.00 and £450 per week.
  • Hiring by the week typically saves costs, and expect to save between 45 and 50 percent of the average daily hire rate.
  • If you need to hire an operator, expect to pay between £150.00 and £200.00 per day, but most companies include an operator with the mini digger as a package.
  • Delivery has an average cost of around £50.00, with varying total costs based on the distance between the hire company and the construction site. The £50.00 delivery and £50.00 collection charge usually apply to a radius of 30 miles from the hiring depot.
  • Attachments are individual hires, with an average cost between £50.00 and $500.00 per week, depending on the attachment, but can save you considerable time and money in the long run.

Additional Costs to Consider

In addition to the rental cost, there are other expenses to keep in mind:

  • Additional accessories: Breakers, augers, riddle buckets, grapples, or fork attachments will cost extra.
  • Equipment storage: Ensure your construction site has adequate storage or protection like Haras fencing. Fencing panels are approximately 3.5 metres (11 feet) wide and 2 metres (6 feet 7 in) high and cost between £5.00 and £ 10.00 per week per panel to hire. Site security is often a requirement for plant hire insurance and can add considerable cost to the rental. Shipping containers are another storage option for mini diggers overnight and on weekends.
  • Fuel: You must keep the machine properly fuelled throughout the hire and refuel before returning it to avoid extra diesel charges. Fuel prices fluctuate from hire company to hire company and can vary considerably. Ask your hire company what they charge for diesel before you hire a digger.
  • Insurance: Most rental companies require you to have your plant hire insurance or buy insurance from them. The cost for plant hire insurance from the depot usually ranges from 10 to 15 percent of the hire rate you’re paying for the equipment. However, this typically only covers unexpected damage, theft, and vandalism. Usually, the most economical choice is to obtain “hired in plant” insurance from your insurance broker.

In conclusion, renting a mini excavator can be a cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals that require plant equipment for short-term construction projects. However, it’s essential to consider all the associated costs to make an informed decision. All pricing excludes VAT.

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