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  • 23/05/2024 20:16 local time

Company Name

Rental Desk Pro: Easy Plant Hire Software

About Us

Rental Desk Pro: Efficient WordPress Plugin for Online Equipment Rental Booking and Payment Management

Introduction to Rental Desk Pro

Rental Desk Pro is a specialised WordPress plugin designed for managing rental inventories, ideal for equipment rental companies. It leverages WordPress, the platform that powers over 43.3% of all websites, ensuring it is built on a reliable and widely used content management system.

Key Features and Design

This plugin emerges from extensive industry experience and is crafted to meet the specific needs of small to medium-sized businesses. It includes robust features essential for booking, charging, and managing equipment rentals online.

  • Scheduling and Allocation: Organise and track equipment rental schedules.
  • Sales and Purchases: Manage equipment sales and invoices.
  • Customer and Equipment Limits: Rental Desk Pro supports unlimited different equipment types and customers, with customizable printout templates.

Options and Support

When your business requires more advanced features, upgrading is straightforward. A monthly subscription provides enhanced capabilities and dedicated support. Setup and maintenance services are available for a nominal fee, ensuring the software remains an integral part of your business operations without any hassle.

Comprehensive Rental Management Capabilities

Rental Desk Pro is designed to make online rental management efficient and user-friendly:

  • Customizable Communications: Send tailored quotes directly to clients.
  • Efficient List Management: Create detailed rental lists quickly, from simple to complex setups.
  • Inventory Tracking: Stay updated on the availability of all items in real-time.
  • Integrated Documentation: Easily generate dispatch notes and invoices.
  • Detailed Overviews: Maintain a comprehensive reporting of equipment and financial transactions.

Advanced Features

The software also includes advanced features such as:

  • Equipment and Availability Tracking: Monitor detailed equipment usage and availability.
  • Financial Management: Features for money collection and integration with accounting software.
  • Custom Reports: A fully integrated report designer to cater to specific business needs.
  • Flexible Pricing Options: Manage pricing with two independent price lists.
  • Direct Emailing: Send documents directly in PDF format via email.
  • Payment Gateway: Connect payments to your bank account.

Why Rental Desk Pro

Affordable and powerful, Rental Desk Pro is an excellent choice for businesses in the plant hire industry seeking a compact, easy-to-use solution for online equipment rental booking and payment management. Future developments will expand capabilities further, making Rental Desk Pro an even more indispensable tool for the equipment rental sector.

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Tel: +4917685385118


  • Ricky Ross
    26/04/2024 at 13:48

    I’m looking forward to the beta version to test.

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