Backhoe Loader Fuel Consumption

Ultimate Guide to Fuel Consumption in Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe Loader Fuel Consumption - Ultimate Guide

Understanding fuel consumption is crucial when assessing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of heavy-duty equipment like tractor-backhoe loaders.

This article will investigate the average backhoe loader fuel consumption rates, drawing from multiple user reports. We’ll also conduct a comparative analysis of the JCB 3CX’s fuel consumption with other similar models in the market.

Backhoe Loader Fuel Consumption

Average Backhoe Loader Fuel Consumption Under Moderate Conditions

Model Fuel consumption (liters/hour) Fuel consumption (gallons/hour)
Case 570ST 4.4 1.16
Case 575SV 4.6 1.22
Case 580ST 5 1.32
Case 695 5.4 1.43
Case 851EX 6.8 1.80
Caterpillar 416E 3.8 1.00
Caterpillar 420 4.2 1.11
Caterpillar 428 5.3 1.40
Caterpillar 419E 5.2 1.37
Caterpillar 432 5.8 1.53
Caterpillar 420E 6.2 1.64
Caterpillar 432E 6.8 1.80
Caterpillar 428F 6.8 1.80
Caterpillar 428F2 8 2.11
JCB 3CX 5.2 1.37
JCB 3CX (Perkins) 4.65 1.23
JCB 4CX 7.5 1.98
JCB 3DX 4.5 1.19
JCB 2CX 4 1.06
JCB 3CX Agri 5.2 1.37
JCB 3CX Eco 4.5 1.19
JCB 4CX Agri 7.5 1.98
JCB 4CX Eco 6.85 1.81
New Holland B80B 5.6 1.48
New Holland B78B 5.2 1.37
New Holland B70B 4.8 1.27
New Holland B60B 4.4 1.16
New Holland B100C 5.6 1.48
New Holland B110C 6.2 1.64
New Holland B115C 6.4 1.69
Volvo BL60B 4 1.06
Volvo BL70B 4.7 1.24
Volvo BL60C 5 1.32
Volvo BL70C 5.7 1.51
Volvo BL70F 6.3 1.66
Volvo BL71E 6.7 1.77
Volvo BL71F 7.7 2.03
Volvo BL71G 8.8 2.32

Factors that Influence Fuel Consumption

Anecdotal TLB Fuel Consumption Rates


The JCB 3CX, along with other popular models in its class, stands as one of the most utilitarian machines in construction. As a leading backhoe loader, the JCB 3CX demonstrates effectual power output and fuel consumption, showcasing an excellent performance-cost ratio.

This article will analyse the average and median fuel consumption of the JCB 3CX and draw comparisons with other machines in the same category.

The JCB 3CX backhoe loader, powered by a 68.6 kW diesel engine, consumes approximately 5 litres of fuel every hour. While this figure establishes an impressive standard for the model, variations exist based on the specific version of the 3CX and usage patterns.

For instance, the JCB 3CX model with a 07 Dieselmax 90hp engine consumes approximately 5.2L/hour. Meanwhile, a variant with the 03 Perkins engine of 70hp presents a slightly more efficient consumption rate of about 4.6-4.7L/hour.

Real-world data highlights the variable fuel consumption rates within the JCB family. For instance, some users report a range of 5.4 – 6.1L/hour for specific JCB models based on long-term use.

The older 2016 model JCB 4CX represents the higher end of the consumption spectrum within the JCB line, consuming approximately 7.5L/hour. Under intense use, this figure can sometimes peak at 10L/hour.

The most recent models of the JCB 3DX typically use about 4 to 5 litres of fuel per hour, suggesting better fuel utilisation and a fuel efficiency improvement of 12%.


The Caterpillar (CAT) 428 F2, a model from 2018, reveals a slightly higher consumption during an 8-hour excavation programme, with a rate of about 5.5L/hour.


Comparing these figures with other notable backhoe loaders offers valuable insight. The Terex 860 Elite with a 100hp Perkins engine consumes roughly 5L/hour, staying close to the 3CX.

New Holland

A 2020 New Holland backhoe loader model demonstrates competitive fuel efficiency with a 5.6L/hour rate.


The earlier model Komatsu 93S, a 2007 model, exhibits a higher average consumption of 6.5 to 7L/hour under normal conditions.*


Finally, the CASE 580 SR Series 3, a 97hp model without ECU, presents a combined consumption rate of 5.7 to 6.3L/hour, given 2 hours of transport per day and nearly constant AC usage.

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Backhoe Loader Fuel Consumption Conclusion
Ultimately, the fuel consumption of a backhoe loader depends on various factors and should be considered along with other essential performance criteria when choosing the right equipment for specific applications.

* Various elements like the age of the machine, the type of engine, working conditions, the operator’s handling, and maintenance routines can affect the real fuel consumption rate.

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