What Happened to A Plant Hire?

A Plant Hire

What happened to A Plant Hire?

A-Plant, the UK’s largest plant hirer, underwent a rebranding process and emerged as Sunbelt Rentals in both the UK and US.

This strategic move consolidated all its brands under one banner, aligning it more closely with its parent company, the Ashtead Group, and its substantial North American operations.

The rebranding resulted from a strategic review, during which the company decided to invest heavily in its equipment and services.

Understanding the Re-branding of A-Plant to Sunbelt Rentals

In May 2020, the UK’s largest plant hire company, A-Plant, underwent a major re-branding.

They adopted Sunbelt Rentals, consolidating all their subsidiary brands under this single identity. The company strategically aligned this change with its parent company, the Ashtead Group, which holds a significant presence in North America.

The decision to re-brand Sunbelt Rentals followed a comprehensive review and significant investments in equipment and services.

The primary goal was to integrate A-Plant more seamlessly with the Ashtead Group’s extensive North American operations, resulting in a united and cohesive brand family.

Impact of the Rebranding A Plant hire on Sunbelt Rentals' Business

The transition from A Plant hire to Sunbelt Rentals has not negatively impacted the company’s operations.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Sunbelt Rentals’ revenue increased by 19%. Over the entire fiscal year, Sunbelt’s total revenue reached $9.667 billion, marking a 24% rise from the $7.962 billion reported in 2022.

The rebranding was part of a strategic review that led to substantial investment in the company’s equipment and services. Sunbelt Rentals’ investment in equipment and customer service improvements and consolidating all of A-Plant’s specialist businesses into one group is reaping dividends today.

Sunbelt Rentals' Equipment and Tools Offering

Sunbelt Rentals has stocked an expansive collection with over 825,000 equipment pieces and tools, positioning themselves as the go-to for contractors and project owners aiming to get the job done.

Sunbelt Rentals provides a diverse range of general construction equipment for rent. Some of these offerings include:

In addition to the above rental listings, Sunbelt Rentals also provides specialty rental equipment and services, which include:

Sunbelt Rentals, serving both the US and UK markets, consistently delivers the essential tools and equipment to its clientele, prioritizing their project’s safety and efficiency.

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