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360 Excavator Inspection and Daily Checklist Free Download 

Download our 360 Excavator Inspection and Dailey Checklist for free.

We have compiled a comprehensive daily 360 excavator checklist to ensure your plant is compliant and that you follow the recommended daily excavator maintenance checks.  

PlantClassifieds daily 360 excavator inspection and checklist is a valuable tool for ensuring that your excavator is well maintained and in good working order. The checklist includes items to be inspected and checked daily, such as the condition of the tracks, cab, fluid levels, the operation of the controls and more.

Our 360-excavator inspection and checklist can help identify any potential issues with the excavator before they become a severe problem, saving you downtime and money and improving health and safety. It can also help ensure that the excavator is safe and complies with relevant regulations or industry standards. Please note that our checklist might differ from the manufacturer's operator's manual and should be used in conjunction with the manufacturer's procedures.

To use the checklist, follow the instructions and check off each item as you inspect it. If you notice any issues or concerns, address them promptly to ensure that the excavator is in good working order.

By regularly using a comprehensive daily 360 excavator inspection and checklist, you can ensure that your plant is well-maintained and safe to use, which helps to maximise productivity and minimise downtime on site.

Print Tip

Print the checklist in landscape to ensure you have enough space on an A4 page to complete the weekly excavator checklist. 

For more information, always consult the HSE.

The HSE is the UK's government regulator for workplace health and safety. Its purpose is to prevent work-related death, injury and ill health.

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Download our daily telehandler checklist.