360 Excavator Inspection and Daily Checklist

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Ensure your excavator’s safety and efficiency with PlantClassifieds’ comprehensive 360 excavator daily checklist.

This tool aids in consistent excavator maintenance and adherence to recommended daily inspections.

360 Excavator Inspection and Daily Checklist

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How to Use Our Excavator Checklist:

Consistent Use Equals Safety & Efficiency

Regular adherence to our 360 excavator daily checklist ensures your equipment remains well-maintained, safe, and productive, reducing potential downtime.

About the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the UK’s official body overseeing workplace health and safety. Their mission is to prevent work-related injuries, deaths, and illnesses.

For comprehensive details on mobile plant and vehicles, explore the HSE.gov.uk website.

Printing Tip

For clarity, print the checklist in landscape mode on an A4 page to comfortably complete the weekly tasks.

Additional Plant Equipment Checklists Available

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