Tunnelling Excavators

Tunnelling Excavators: Essential Tools for Underground Construction Projects

Tunnelling excavators are essential for construction projects in confined underground spaces such as tunnels, cross-passages, and underground stations.

Their compact design and high manoeuvrability make them invaluable where larger conventional excavators cannot operate.

Tunnelling Excavators

Key Takeaways for Tunelling Excavators

Feature Description
Compact Size Small footprint and low operating height for working in confined underground spaces.
High Power-to-Weight Ratio Extremely powerful despite compact size, capable of handling heavy-duty attachments.
Versatility Can be equipped with various attachments for multiple tasks such as rock breaking, excavating, scaling, and more.
Remote Operation Many models, like those from Brokk, offer remote control for safe operation in hazardous environments.
Mobility Designed with features like walking mechanisms and additional claws for navigating steep gradients and challenging terrains.
Safety Features Include FOPS cages, retractable screen guards, and high-intensity LED lighting systems for enhanced visibility and operator protection.

Benefits of Using Tunnelling Excavators

Tunnelling excavators are crucial for efficient and safe construction in underground projects, including road, rail, and subway tunnels, utility tunnels, cross-passages, and underground stations. Their unique features ensure they can meet the demanding requirements of these projects.

Due to their compact size, power, versatility, and specialized safety features, tunnelling excavators play a vital role in the tunnelling industry. They enable efficient and safe construction in confined underground spaces, making them indispensable for various underground projects.

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