Kubota K008 Micro Excavator

The Kubota K009 Micro Digger Specifications

Kubota K008 Digger

The Kubota K008-5 excavator is often the first choice for plant hire companies because it is a highly efficient and compact excavator with impressive power and versatility.

The micro digger offers plant hire customers reliability, flexibility and ease of use on most construction and landscaping sites where access is restricted.

The high power-to-weight ratio and adjustable track width make it perfect for tackling tough jobs in small spaces.

Powered by Kubota’s Stage V-compliant 10.3 PS engine, the K008-5 delivers high power, lower emissions, outstanding reliability, and economic performance.

Thanks to its adjustable track, the K008-5 is supremely versatile. You can adjust the track width to provide easy access through narrow spaces and doorways and extend to the footprint for enhanced stability.
With its powerful engine and quick-release bucket pins that allow for rapid changing of buckets and attachments without tools, the K008-5 delivers dependable performance.

The Kubota K008-4 excavator can confidently take on a wide range of landscaping and construction tasks where space is limited.

One obvious downside to chipped keys versus a generic key non-chipped key is that you must have the key with you in the morning, as you will need it to operate the machine.

Kubota K008

  • Machine Weight 900kg
  • Engine output 7.6kw
  • Max Dig Depth 1720mm
  • Max Reach Ground Level 3020mm
  • Maximum Dumping Height 2035mm
  • Cab Height *excluding beacons 2260mm
  • Max width Tracks Retracted 700mm
  • Max width Tracks Extended 860mm
  • Transport Length 2.75m
  • Transport Height 2.26m
  • Rubber Shoe Width 180mm
  • Bucket width 0.368m
  • Dozer Blade Size 860mm x 324mm
  • GP Bucket Capacity 0.022m³
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 12L
  • Travel Speed 2km/h
  • Ground Pressure 24.3kPa
  • Maximum Arm Digging Force 9.8kN

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