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Hanix Excavators Used.

Japanese Built Reliability

Hanix specializes in building mini excavators powered with reliable and durable Mitsubishi engines like the K3 and K4 series.

Hanix excavators used are reliable and easy-to-use machines that have been around for decades.

They may not be the most exciting machines on the market, but they do what they are well-designed, robust and economical. With new backers, Hanix is offering a comprehensive and efficient service structure. All components are well-proven Japanese makes, and operators have praised the reliability and longevity of their machines. There are a few Hanix dealers listed on PlantClassifieds

Models supported by Riley Plant Spares in the United Kingdom and Europe for Hanix excavator parts and spares:

Hanix H08
Hanix H08
Hanix H08B
Hanix H09D
Hanix H08-2
Hanix H12A
Hanix H15A
Hanix H15B
Hanix H15B-Plus
Hanix H15B-2
Hanix H15BPlus-2
Hanix H17D
Hanix H22A
Hanix H24A
Hanix H22B
Hanix H26B
Hanix H26C
Hanix H27
Hanix H27DR
Hanix H29
Hanix H30A
Hanix H35A
Hanix H36A
Hanix H36B
Hanix H36C
Hanix H36R
Hanix H36CR
Hanix H45
Hanix H45A
Hanix H50B
Hanix H50C
Hanix H55DR
Hanix H56C
Hanix H75B
Hanix H75C
Hanix N080-2
Hanix N120-2
Hanix N150-2
Hanix N220-2
Hanix N230-2
Hanix N250-2
Hanix N260-2
Hanix N300
Hanix N300-2
Hanix N350-2
Hanix N450
Hanix N450-2
Hanix N085UJ

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Hanix H15B Plus-2

We have a clean used 2008 Hanix H15B Plus-2 excavator for sale on PlantClassifieds.