Electric Digger Hire

Updated: 17/03/2024

Electric Digger Hire Near You

Electric digger hire services are a green option for digging projects, particularly useful in cities and indoor areas.

Firms such as Balloo Hire, Lynch Plant Hire, Smiths Hire, Brandon Hire Station, and Diamond Hire & Sales offer these electric mini diggers.

These machines are entirely electric, producing very little noise and no emissions, which makes them ideal for use in populated areas and enclosed spaces.

Volvo, IHI Compact Excavator, Bobcat, JCB, Mecalac, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Takeuchi, and Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery manufacture electric excavators.


The JCB 1.9T Electric Mini Digger, which weighs approximately 1862 kilograms, is an industry-leading model known for its rapid charging feature and the capacity to operate all day on a single charge. This technological advancement enhances the feasibility of excavation projects, significantly reducing the environmental footprint by reducing emissions and noise pollution.


The Volvo ECR25 Electric excavator is a groundbreaking addition to the range of electric compact excavators, offering impressive features and benefits. Volvo designed this model to deliver all the performance required in a compact package while integrating battery electric power for sustainability.


The Hitachi ZE85 is an electric construction machine developed by European Application Center GmbH, offering innovative solutions for environmentally friendly excavation projects.

Hitachi’s eight-tonne class hydraulic excavator is battery-powered, providing zero emissions, low noise levels, and enhanced sustainability benefits.

The ZE85 model features advanced specifications such as a battery capacity of 18 kWh, a battery run time of 2 hours, and a motor output of 10 kW.

Hitachi Construction Machinery has introduced the ZE85 to meet the increasing demand for electric machinery in the construction industry, particularly in European markets, where there is a growing need for battery-powered excavators for urban construction work.

The Benefits of Hiring a Electric Excavator

Electric excavators eliminate emissions at the source, enabling contractors to work indoors without emitting harmful fumes. This feature particularly benefits rail contractors, allowing them to work in tunnels and underground spaces without expensive exhaust extraction systems.

The electric model’s low noise output, 6 decibels quieter than its diesel counterpart, allows work to extend beyond usual hours on urban streets without disturbing residents. This low noise footprint makes it suitable for areas where noise pollution is a concern.

Electric excavators offer flexible working hours and locations due to their quick charging and long battery life. These mini excavators can do a full day’s work on a single charge, and with three charging options, they adapt to various work schedules and locations.

As safety regulations tighten, the importance of safe working conditions increases. Mini-electric diggers provide a safer and more efficient work environment without trailing cables, zero emissions, reduced noise levels, and enhanced safety systems.

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